Back to the roots – Mikkeli Career Day

Every now and then it’s good to look back on what got you where you are right now. Our team had a trip down the memory lane last week when me and Tobi travelled to Mikkeli.

Tobi & Leeni
Tobi and me approaching Mikkeli on an Onnibus, which btw has wifi and power sockets under each chair.

City of lights, city of magic.

What does Mikkeli, a city of 54 616 inhabitants in Eastern Finland, have to do with us?

Scrolling back around 7 years reveals. In September 2008 in front of the Helsinki School of Economics Mikkeli Campus (this was before Aalto) an exchange student from Italy and a degree student from Helsinki said “hi!” to each other. Yup, those kids were us 🙂 Tobi 22 and Leeni 19 at the time.

We studied at the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BScBA) program together for a year. This program is part of the Aalto University School of Business and follows an international, intense and unique 3 week module system, where students only study 1 course at a time for three weeks. The student and professor body is highly international with exchange and degree students around the world learning from visiting professors from all corners of the globe.

See the video below for a nice 2,5 minute introduction 🙂

The reason we travelled back last week was to attend the annual Career Day event where members of alumni share their experiences from working life with current students. We wanted to tell our story and give the students some tips.

Networks, presentations & culture

During the Career Day we shared the story of booncon PIXELS – why and how it all began, where we are right now and where do we seek to take this adventure in the future (You can read the first chapter of this story from our previous blog post).

In addition to sharing our learnings from working life, we wanted to tell the current BScBA students what were the key take aways for us from Mikkeli. For us the most important things were:

Networking – with only around 200 students at the campus getting to know new people is easy. Our tip: use your study time to go an adventures with these people. In addition to course projects and studying make sure you actually know the people. Attend parties, taste different beers, learn new languages, travel to far away places, play football together, jump to lake Saimaa naked – these people might well be the people that you’ll have in your life in some way forever.

Sitsit parties were some of the most memorable ones – in this picture German exchange students “på bordet” in Career Day 2008 Sitsit party.

Presentation skills – during Mikkeli times we had on average two presentations each week. As you learn by doing, we certainly learned how to professionally present anything (and sometimes with no sleep 😀 ). The ability to present your ideas in a clear, impressive way is vital.

Cultural learnings – this one might sound like it’s from a school brochure “Make sure you get to know other cultures”, but it still is true. We learned however that this isn’t about the courses on how to do business in Asia / Africa / wherever, it’s more about learning how to get the best out of a group of people from different cultures. For us this is now a skill we use every day at work – our booncon PIXELS team combines people from 7 different countries in 4 different continents.

Don’t miss a Baba!

With only positive experiences from fellow alumni and current BScBA students we might well grow our team with more Babas (a nickname for the BScBA students) in the future. We also recommend everybody to get to know the program and its people – don’t miss a Baba, be it in recruiting, cooperation or networking.

Fellow alumni visiting the infamous Pentti Bar.

For all Babas, alumni or current students, our office is always open for you 🙂
So whenever in Kamppi, drop us a line and come by for a cup of coffee.

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