Back 2 work

Coming back to the office after the holidays can be overwhelming. When is the whole team back? What’s the situation with each project? Where did everybody go during holidays? Is the game night on for this Friday? All this gets more difficult with the hot paradise looming outside our office windows (the aircon is at its limits here 😀 )

Internal bliss

Internal communication is key in every company and it’s importance in start-ups has been recognised by many academic researchers.

An important task of internal communication in start-ups is to communicate the values and vision of the company to its employees. This is vital because when employees share the philosophy of the company, they show greater flexibility. Communication of values and vision internally also facilitates quick decision making and delegation of responsibilities, as well as assists the employees to make well-informed decisions in their day-to-day work.

(Saini & Plowman, 2007; MacVicar & Throne, 1992; Dozier, Grunig, & Grunig, 1995; Blanchard, 1996)

For our team at booncon PIXELS internal communication is also vital. This is why we use a set of different tools to get things done, and to remain efficient 😉

Juggling tasks

Managing time and ongoing tasks efficiently is always highlighted after the holidays. Where were we with this project? Did I reply to this email already? Which task should I focus on first? Regardless of industry we all face similar problems and situations once in a while.

Let’s face it; task management is vital. However, there are different methods for keeping all the balls up in the air without having them eventually fall on your head. Some offices still rely on Post-It notes and white boards, some use applications specifically designed for the job. At booncon PIXELS, we’ve opted on the latter.

Our software of choice is Trello. It houses an easy-to-use project management method which consist of boards, lists and cards. Each board represents a specific department or function in the company, for example marketing. The marketing board could then have lists such as Later, This week, Today, Done etc. All the lists can be named as seen necessary. The lists include cards, which represent individual tasks. These can then be dragged-and-dropped between and inside lists. Each card can also include additional information such as labels, due dates, attachments, members and descriptions.

Trello helps us to manage our web design tasks

Image courtesy: Trello

Prioritising tasks is essential as time is relative and scarce. We like Trello as it has made task management more visual, more efficient, and easier to share between team members. Some boards are more personal, some are team wide in which anyone can move cards and add tasks. Trello also makes it easier to quickly grasp the progress of a certain task simply by seeing it under one of the lists.

Time is relative

We all know that time flies when you’re having fun or working really hard on something. Sometimes it feels like the whole day just magically disappeared. Conversely, time can really crawl slowly and finishing a simple task might feel like an eternity. This is why it is important to map out your most productive time of the day. For some, it’s the morning hours, and for some the late hours after everyone else has already left the office. Either way, it’s important to prioritise tasks that need your attention to this time slot. Restrict yourself from distractions (such as email) during your productive hours.

Time doesn’t only concern you, though. Projects usually include several people whose timetables need to fit together in order for the tasks to move forward. Shared calendars and project management tools are nothing we haven’t already seen before, but coming across a software that combines both succesfully is no easy picnic. Gladly, we found Basecamp.

Basecamp includes project management functions such as to-dos, discussions, file sharing and other vital parts of a succesful management tool. In addition, the calendar function combines different shared calendars and events with your personal notes and meetings. It’s fairly easy to gather your timetable for the day with a quick view of the calendar. If you still would like to see more, scrolling down on the progress timeline reveals a quick view into the progress of ongoing projects. The fewer lists and applications we need to keep updated the better; this is also why we enjoy Basecamp so much.

Basecamp calendar makes time and design management easier

Image courtesy: Basecamp

Have a break!

Your attention span fluctuates according to your energy levels. Taking a short break from working can give you a nice energy boost and even inspire to create something new. Our preferred breaks often include a round or two of table soccer.

Having a break from website projects to play a little table soccer

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Whatever your breaks might include, remember to give your brain a refreshing timeout before climbing back on the saddle!

Casual, informal, fun, TGIF

In addition to the awesome tools we use to improve our professional lives we needed a tool to help with more casual communication. We don’t want to flood our inboxes with internal emails about where to go for a beer after a work week, or whose turn is it to prepare our Tuesday office breakfast.

Whatsapp to the rescue.

A few months back we put up a group chat in Whatsapp and it has been the dream solution for us. Easy instant messages, pictures, audio messages – all the informal messaging we need to make sure everybody in our team knows what’s happening after work, during the weekends, or where the hottest lunch deal is today, who will post a picture to Instagram – works perfectly to inform your colleagues of a sick leave too. Highly recommended!

Whatsapp is the casual tool in our web design studio

Ok thanks, bye!

Psst…have a listen to our perfect Back 2 Work playlist on Spotify 🙂


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