A new year, a new chapter

A new year, a new chapter

This year has started with the biggest change in my life since 5 years ago when we started our company booncon.

I have decided to step down as the CEO of booncon PIXELS. In fact booncon PIXELS isn’t anymore, Pixels is having a fresh start with lots of great changes.

Let me explain a bit: Towards of the end of last year some things didn’t go the way we had planned. We anticipated some growth that didn’t happen and failed to react to some warning signs.

Long story short we decided the only way to move forward was to put down the company we had worked hard to build. Sounds crazy, right?

It was.

But after discussing strategies with our amazing team we figured it indeed was the only way to make it work. booncon PIXELS had too much baggage, which prevented us to implement any of the cool things we had planned. Despite the difficult situation our whole team declared their eagerness to build a new beginning together. This was a magical moment and I couldn’t be more grateful.

During my time as the CEO at booncon PIXELS I always had too many other projects going on. I did not want that to continue. With the new beginning we wanted to make everybody working at the company a shareholder. We were looking to shift more towards design work.

It made sense.

So here we are, the new company has been established and all these changes are in place. Everything is changing but everything is also staying the same.

Tom is taking over my role as the CEO and most of the team remains the same. I will  focus on my role as the Master Maker at booncon but remain an Advisor to Pixels. Furthermore I will take care of the lovely new coworking space we are sharing, the Friendzone 🙂

Thank you all for the great years of working together and Godspeed! to Pixels.

Goodbye but we will meet again,