2015 in numbers

2015 in numbers


Time to wrap up the year. 2015 served us with quite a few adventures 🙂

Let’s take a look at some numbers.
(You can check the 2014 numbers in parentheses.)

Office life

1 841: Commits on GitHub (1,707) – for those who don’t read code, this means we coded A LOT.
10: Workshops held (27)
41: Startups coached on branding & websites
14: Launched projects (7)
2: Blog posts in the Startup Sauna blog
1: Podcast started
1: Carolina Reaper Hot Chili plant still alive

Launched projects in 2015.

The 14 awesome projects launched in 2015. See more details here.

PIXELS beats

Music is a huge part of our office life. To tune in on our beats, follow us on Spotify.

110 000: Minutes listened on Spotify (133 965)
Lean On – Major Lazer: Top song

Check out our most played songs in 2015 🙂

Our favourite artists per season:

Our favourite artists per season


To have the energy to work (and play) this is what we resort to.

1,230: Cups of coffee enjoyed (1,061)
46: Office breakfasts together (28)
7: Cakes baked by Tom
countless: Friday burgers at O’Leary’s & Naughty Burger
1: Pizza workshop
1: Self-brewed beer

Our PIXELS team surely loves food.


Those calories aren’t going anywhere by themselves.

12: Basketball matches played
125: Hours of Karate
140: Hours of frisbee golf
countless: CrossFit hours
1: Tough Viking competition
1: Toughest competition
1: Xlectic competition
1: Office yoga class
1: Minigolf tournament
1: Team SUP adventure

Gagdets, games & tech stuff

The geeky stuff..

11: Team mobile phones
11: Laptops
9: Screens (8)
4: New board games
1: AppleWatch
34: Games we play on our phones/tablets

Team facts

Without our team we’re nothing.

10: Companions
3: New companions joining our adventure
2: Companions chasing after new dreams
2: Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs interns
28,6: Average age of our companions (27,6)
8: Nationalities in our team
15: Languages spoken (10)
8 guys / 2 girls: Gender ratio (8 / 1)
1,411: booncon social media fans (745)
552: Hours on a train Tampere – Helsinki – Tampere (450)
140: Flights taken by our team (66)


50: Attended events (51)
10: Birthdays celebrated with the team
11: CreativeMornings/Helsinki events sponsored (5)
5: Trips to Italy with the team

booncon PIXELS team members visiting Italy and Törggelen.

PIXELS team members visiting Italy and Törggelen.

booncon PIXELS team enjoying the summer.

PIXELS team enjoying the warm Finnish summer.

booncon PIXELS team.

Team activities in 2015. For more pics, check out our Instagram.

We’re already excited for the new year and the awesome adventures it will bring with it 🙂

Happy Holidays!

Have a great start to 2016.

– booncon PIXELS team

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