2014 in numbers

2014 in numbers


The amazing adventure of 2014 is almost done – just a few more hours at the office, a few more coffees to keep our energy levels up, a few more moments with “designer” glasses on, a few more tricks to learn from coding, a few more lunches together with our team and a few more bad jokes after long days at the office.

Let’s look at a few numbers from this year.

Office life

1 707: Commits on GitHub
27: Workshops held
1 678: Pictures on Leeni’s phone
180: Number of business cards we went through
7: Walls removed
133 965: Minutes listened on Spotify
The Way Back – Solomun: Top song
1: Carolina Reaper Hot Chili plants received as a gift

Check out our 100 most played songs in a playlist 🙂

Our favourite artists per season:

Our favourite artists per season


1061: Cups of coffee enjoyed
28: Office breakfasts together
18: Total cakes eaten at the office
114: Cookies baked together
30: O’Leary’s burgers eaten

30%: Percentage of food pictures on our instagram:


All those cake calories have to go somewhere..

32: Basketball matches played
7: Soccer games played
25: Kids’ karate classes held
[Insert an insane number here]: CrossFit hours

Gagdets, games & tech stuff

11: Team mobile phones
4: Team iPhone 6s
11: Laptops
8: Screens
6: Team iPads
3: Designer glasses
4: New board games

Team facts

3: New companions joining our adventure
1: Summer intern
8: People lending our working space
27,666666: Average age of our companions
7: Nationalities in our team
10: Languages spoken
8 guys / 1 girl: Gender ratio
1: Wedding
2: Graduations
3: Thesis in the works
745: booncon social media fans
9 140: Our combined social media networks (Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn & IG)
450: Hours on a train Tampere – Helsinki – Tampere
66: Flights taken by our team


51: Attended events
7: Parties at our office
8: Birthdays celebrated with the team
5: CreativeMornings/Helsinki events sponsored
1: Trip abroad with the crew
1: Roadtrip with the crew

booncon PIXELS trip to Tallinn

Happy Holidays!

Have a great start to 2015!

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