Our team of graphic designers, user experience specialists, business talents and developers form a group of like-minded web design professionals. We bring to the table different experiences, perspectives and ideas from all corners of the world.

Lukas Jakob Hafner, ITA

Cooking & Gadgets

Leeni Harmainen, FIN

Head of Sales & Marketing, Partner
Photography & Basketball

Thomas Hurd, NZL

Head of Design & Production, Partner
Swimming & Good Coffee

Jinyi Su, CHN

User Experience Specialist
Music & Technology

Antero Muranen, FIN

Head of Business Development
Sports & Technology

Mark Tarnashinski, EST

Visual Designer
Visual Arts & Cycling

Nur Sah Ketene, TUR

General Technologist
Gaming & Basketball

Janni Valkealahti, FIN

Graphic Designer
Yoga & Drawing

Anh Nguyen, VNM

Front-End Developer
Coding & Baking

Volodymyr Melnychenko, UKR

Support & Quality Assurance Coordinator
Fishing & Sports

Alenka Kramer, SVN

Visual Team Intern
Stories & Dancing

Tobias Johannes, ITA

Airports & Board Games

Minna Auvinen, FIN



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